Action planning tools

Once you have registered and completed the second stage in the carbon calculator which asks some relatively simple questions about your school and how it is operated you will be able to access our action planning tool.

The tool once it is available to the school can be used in two ways:

  1. It can be used to develop, manage and record activities on a personal school action plan with a series of actions in the school and to record your progress in reducing CO2 emissions
  2. It can be used in 'safe mode' by classes of pupils who can develop action plans, investigate different options and provide a tool to initiate group discussion and personal research



A snap shot of the tool is provided below:


Snap shot of action planning list


Your personal school action plan can be continually updated and tweaked as your school progresses. You can even make up some very specific actions of your own to be included in the plan.

Keeping this up to date by returning to the plan and marking off those actions that have been completed over time will allow your Carbon footprint to reduce. The more active you are the smaller the footprint becomes.


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