Carbon Calculators

Our specially designed carbon calculators uses energy data from UK schools and the CO2 emissions from UK power stations. They can help your school to understand how much CO2 it releases in a year. There are three easy stages to obtaining your Carbon footprint, with the information you provide at each stage helping us to refine your footprint and give you more accuracy.

Your first step is to register with this website, answer some simple questions and get your first footprint. No need to do any research, or obtain any information as all the questions should be easily answered by anyone in the school. To complete stages 2 and 3, you may need to ‘snoop’ around the school and ask for information from your head teacher or facilities manager.


A snap shot of the Level 2 Carbon calculator process can be seen below:


Example of Level 2 Carbon calculator questions


Once you have completed stage 2 of your calculator you will have access to action planning tools that will help your school to understand what can be done to reduce your schools CO2 emissions.  

A snap shot of the tools available can be seen below:


Snap shot of Carbon calculator output and other functionalities